Saturday, January 07, 2017


I recently sorted through my boxes of craft supplies and setup a space in the spare room to do some crafting.
I have a few cardmaking magazines that came with kits so decided to start making the cards.
The first cards made were Christmas Cards for some work colleagues.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Crochet for Baby!

My latest crochet projects were a baby blanket and a giraffe lovey for my friend's first grandchild, a beautiful girl who was born in January 2016. As the family lived in Melbourne on the other side of Australia and I would not be seeing them until Easter I had a little more time to work on them.

The baby blanket was in three colours - pink, white and green with a white border/edging.  It was the first time I had made a blanket that was not from a granny square pattern and I managed to learn some other techniques in the process so am thrilled with the final result.  It has a total of 50 rows and then the edging.

I found the pattern at Favecrafts.

The giraffe lovey I found through a search on pinterest.  I wasn't looking specifically for a giraffe but this one caught my eye.  Even though the original was in yellow I decided to try changing the colours to make it more suited for a girl.    The pattern originally came from Lulu's Crafts Blog (I had found it through another blogger).

This one was more difficult than the Minions and duck lovey's I made previously but I'm pleased with the result.  Each piece is made individually then all sewn together at the end.  As mentioned in the pattern, the blanket part is a solid granny-square and this pattern is available on Moogly Blog.

The original pattern has circles sewn onto the blanket however I wanted to add something a bit more feminine so went searching pinterest for applique flowers or butterflies instead.  The flowers I used were from Is It A Toy? blog

Below is a picture of the original Giraffe Lovey from the creator and pictures of my completed lovey.

Thursday, November 26, 2015


I have had a sewing machine for a long time but barely used it.  The one I have now I bought about 7 years ago and it's been sitting behind the bar ever since we moved into this current house 6 years ago!
Last month I found a Horn Sewing cabinet for sale in a local op-shop.  I've been wanting one for years but could never afford a new one.  I couldn't pass this one up as it was a great price and in excellent condition.

Now I have my sewing machine setup in the cabinet and have bought some different coloured threads and other sewing accessories.  I've been buying small amounts of fabric to make some small items found through Pinterest.

Last week I made a Nappy & wipes clutch for a staff member at work who leaves for maternity leave tomorrow.  I found the pattern and instructions on Lemon Squeezy Home Blog and it is so easy to follow.  My first attempt I wasn't 100% happy with but it was the first time in over 20 years that I've actually sewn something from scratch!  I made another one a few days later which I gave to my staff member this week and was much happier with that one.

Inside the clutch I placed two nappies and a travel pack of wipes.

Crochet Duck Lovey

My latest crochet project was a Duck Lovey blankie made for one of the reception staff on my team at work.  She is expecting a baby in December and I decided to make this as a gift for the baby.

The pattern was in a crochet magazine and gave me a little grief with the beak but overall I'm pretty happy with the result.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Learning to Knit!

I've started learning to Knit using The Art of Knitting and finding it easy to follow.  I think I tried knitting when I was a child but couldn't get the hang of it - especially casting on and off so ended up giving it up and sticking to crochet.

I decided recently to give it another go and it seems to be easier.  I've managed to finish the first three squares from the series recently.

The first square is a Garter stitch square.

The second a Stocking stitch square with a garter stitch border.

The third square is Chequerboard Stitch.

This was more difficult and I had to start over twice due to errors I made.  Thankfully I read some comments on the facebook page and realised where I had gone wrong.  It hasn't stitched to the same size it should be so must not have used the right tension.  Something to work on in future!

When I get closer to making up the throw rug I will see how to add a border to the square to increase the size of the square to match the others.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Getting back into Crochet

It's been a while since I updated this blog but I've been busy with work and family the last few years and not really done much crafting at all.  In 2014 alone I changed jobs twice (to avoid redundancy!), one daughter had a baby and another daughter got married!  

I'm now getting back into my crafting - crochet, cross stitch and now learning knitting!  

I have a few things on the go at the moment but trying to stick to smaller projects I can finish within a few weeks.

I finished a crochet project today for my 12month grandaughter Evelyn.  A mini minion blankie!  I found this pattern while looking through Pinterest and was looking for something small to start with.  It's been a long time since I did any crochet and not much more than granny square blankets so it was good to be able to see this coming together.  I added an extra row of yellow in the blanket to make it a little bigger and used a smaller hook to make the eye as the first one I made was too big for the head!  I think I may have used a tighter tension when making the head so it came out smaller than it should be.

Thank you to Shell from Mamma That Makes for the free pattern.  There are so many others on her blog that I can't wait to make!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Completed cross stitch kits

Finished some small items

I've been working on small cross stitch items recently and have finished three. All are free kits from magazines.

1. Primrose Stitcher's Notebook from World of Cross Stitching.

2. Butterfly Bookmark from Quick & Easy Cross Stitch

3. House Keyring from Cross Stitch Crazy

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cross Stitch, charity crafts and friends

Finally got something to post here!

I haven't managed to do any stitching for the past 6-8 weeks due to an acute flare of the Arthritis. It caused itching and swelling in my hands and made it too painful to stitch or even hold the hoop. Due to this I did not finish the cd case for Lisa.

I have been busy making jewellery and other beading items for presents and to send to Crafters 4 Charity (a group I joined recently).

I've also had the Birdhouses picture framed - see below. It turned out beautiful and I gave it to my friend and her partner for Christmas. I took it to them today and my son Ethan, insisted they open it straight away.